Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is the Coachable app?

Coachable is a sports business platform, that provides analysis tools for coaches in all sports, to virtually coach athletes.  Athletes can download the app and use it to find coaches in every sport to virtually train them using analysis tool technology. Athletes pay for training and Coaches can get paid for their knowledge using our custom coaching technology.


  1. What is Coachable for Coaches?

A sports business platform, that provides analysis tools for coaches in all sports, to virtually coach athletes.  Coaches connect to athletes through Coachable, using a profile to reach athletes. Analysis tools within the app allows coaches to slow down, track through and draw on a video that the athlete has sent them, while also voice recording their feedback.  Years of experience, level of athleticism and number of championships are all factors that coaches can use to promote themselves as a valuable asset to any athlete’s skill needs. Coaches can create custom content packages; subscription offers and promote individual virtual private lessons to get paid.  All coaches make 70% of what they coach on Coachable and choose the amount the athletes pay for their knowledge. Cost to coaches is $9.99 a month after the first 30-day free trial.  Connect. Coach. Collect.

  1. What is Coachable for Athletes?

Athletes connect to coaches by creating an athlete profile and searching through filters for the coach they feel will improve their skills.  Filters include types of sports, coach’s specialties within sports, star ratings for the coach, years of experience, proximity and cost of virtual lesson.  Athletes are able to access knowledgeable coaches with various levels of experience in each sport.  They will be asked to give a star rating to each coach they have used,  based on the coach’s knowledge of the sport, communication skills and how well the feedback has helped in improve skill.  Athletes will have access to content packages with customized knowledge from coaches and subscription offers to specific coaches that allows them to receive unlimited uploads and feedback from the coach.  Coachable allows athletes to improve their skills by finding coaches on every level – from student athletes all the way up to professional level coaches with the best they have to offer.   Connect.  Access.  Improve Skills.     


  1. How does the Referral Program work?

Coaches can be provided referral codes from organisations and individuals.

Referral codes can be forwarded to people by email / text and when app is downloaded the code is automatically used. 2.5% is offered for referring a coach. Athletes use referral codes to earn credits to use within the app.


  1. What is an Analysis Tool?

An analysis tool is a video editing tool that coaches use on videos provided by athletes, to revise and provide coaching advice and feedback.


  1. What tools are included in the Analysis Tool?

The Toolbox in the Coachable Video Editor and Analysis Tool includes:

– Drawing tools                              – Zoom capability

– Voice over explanations            – Forward and Backward replay

– Slow motion replay                    – Athletes can send up to 5 mins of video

– The Video editor works in tandem with Coachable app



  1. How can the Coachable Video Editor and Analysis tool?

Coaches benefit by being able to watch and revise video, providing insight into the skill set shown by the athlete. Using the Coachable Video Editor and Analysis tool, Coaches can identify areas of improvement and provide strategies to practically help guide and improve the athlete’s performance.

Athletes benefit by having accessibility to a variety of Coaches, who are able to provide specific feedback and coaching strategies that will help develop the athlete, regardless of location and current level of ability.


  1. Is there a size limit for a video on Coachable?

Athletes can send videos that are up to 5 mins duration.

Coaches have 5GB of storage included with their subscription. If a coach requires more than 5GB they can purchase more.


  1. What is included with my Coaching profile subscription?

– Capacity to provide 4 different services: virtual private lessons (core business), in-person coaching, camps, offering training videos to sell.

– Packages: Coaches can create packages that incorporate all 4 services. Coaches can determine their own packages.

– ‘How to’ video tutorials are included for coaches.

– Pricing guide & suggestions for different levels of coach experience will be included in  “creating a package” tutorials.

– Access to the Analysis Tool

– Messaging capability to communicate with Athletes: Coaches are only able to PM their own Athletes; however, they are able to market to all athletes.

– Capacity for self-marketing: capability to share / market their packages on to up to 80 different social media platforms.

– Background Check: Bronze, silver, gold and platinum level checks offered. If a coach selects the platinum level (most comprehensive) check, they will come up higher on the coaches list for coaches at the same “star” level.

– A Star Rating provided by Athletes.


  1. Is there a limit to the number of connections I can make each day?

No, there is no limit. There are many ways you can market your coaching profile to athletes.


  1. Can I create different profiles for different sports?

Yes, you can create as many profiles as you are legitimately able to. Coaches will be charged $9.99 a month for each profile on Coachable.


  1. What are intellectual property Rights?                                       Intellectual property rights are legal rights that provide creators protection for original works, inventions, or the appearance of products, artistic works, scientific developments, and so on. There are four types of intellectual property rights (IP): patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.


  1. Can I create a Coach profile and an Athlete profile?

Yes, you can use Coachable as both a Coach and Athlete.


  1. How can I report a coachable / athlete who I feel is being inappropriate?

The Report Abuse Function should be used if there is ever any inappropriate language, inuendo or any behaviors that violate the Coachable Terms of Use or associated policies.


  1. How do I access or delete the information that Coachable collects? The data that is stored in your profile can be disabled or deleted by disabling or deleting your profile. No payment information is stored in the Coachable database.  It is input to our stripe payment system and we never see it.


  1. How do I disable or delete my profile?                                                      Go to the settings menu, click on account, at the bottom of the page click on disable account or delete account.  If deleting an account all information will be lost and cannot be restored, you will have to recreate your profile from the beginning as a new user.