David Dimsdale is responsible for managing the financial actions of able. He works on the company’s short and long term financial analysis and goals, reporting to both the COO, CEO and the Company Board. David has successfully worked in Sales and Management roles for three decades.

In his earlier working years he was involved in managing both retail store and warehouse environments. This experience allowed him to develop skills in building cohesive and productive relationships with both clients and employees. His strong work ethic, business knowledge and ability to make sound decisions, combined with his personable nature and personal ethos, are the reasons he was able to then move on to building his own successful businesses.

David has now been a successful business owner / operator for the last 21 years. His current company, The T-Shirt Factory, is a very successful enterprise with a constant high demand of orders. David has resided in Middle Georgia, with his wife and four children for many years and is considered an established, well-respected businessman with- in the wider community.

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